Friday, May 21, 2010

weekly recap


in one word or phrase:
finish line

i'm dreaming of you:

song on repeat:
safety dance (from glee)

gotta write it down:
addresses for postcards.
i'm printing them all out on sticky labels before i leave.

lesson learned:
mariposa police department is run by incompetent fools.
really? it didn't occur to you to test the getaway vehicle or firearms for dna? really? perhaps you should watch csi. get a few ideas . . .

picture to frame:

highlight of the week:
waking up before the alarm feeling rested

weekend to do list:
finish boutonnieres and corsages for regina's wedding;
start packing for greece; block-wide yard sale;
prepare for primary;
order euro's; make final vacation errand list;
go to movies with david; bask in the distinct lack of homework


Cole said...

great list. :)