Sunday, May 23, 2010

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

1. the glee "safety dance" flash mob. i want to be in a flash mob so bad i can't see straight. and how sad is it that we don't get to witness artie's wicked dance skills every week.

2. finals are done. i am a free woman for the next three months.

3. i saw robin hood. i really liked it. i wasn't expecting to. i wasn't expecting a different story. it was fun. and it reaffirmed unto me that cate blanchette is as close to perfection as a female can get.

4. strawberry picnics with afton in the backyard.

5. this weather is rocking my world. i'm going to be so sad when it finally turns off really hot. i hate really hot.

6. neal patrick harris + matthew morrison + aerosmith .

7. since getting these fake eyelashes of mine, i pretty much don't wear makeup anymore. really. i think i've put it one twice in the last three weeks. it's amazing.

8. ginger ale.

9. mike got into university of utah. he's abandoning me. but he seems pretty enthusiastic about the move. also, he's leaving the wii here (read: he's leaving dr. mario here.) huzzah!

10. i've completed about 90% of my pre-trip errands; made my lists; planned when i'm doing all of my last minute stuff. it feels creepy to be this under control and prepared. i must be forgetting something . . . . i just can't figure out what . . . .


Sapp Family said...

Robin Hood totally surprised me too. Was by myself waiting for Wyatt and figured I'd stop at the theater and see it. The storyline was totally not what I was expecting! Enjoyed it.