Monday, June 14, 2010

things that made me happy these past weeks . . .

i have missed several weeks of posting my weekly happiness list while i was on vacation. so this will be longer, and covers the last three(ish) weeks.

1. i was in greece!

2. sending postcards. i think the final count was 30. craig thought i was ridiculous, but i know how much i love receiving postcards from around the world. i was excited to share my adventure with my friends.

3. i got a shockingly abundant amount of sleep on my vacation. we would get back to our room so exhausted by our daily excursions that we would usually fall asleep by 7:00 pm. we got up when we felt rested enough. one night i think i slept for 10 hours, which had me up and ready to go before 8:00 am. the only times i didn't sleep well were the airplane travel days and the overnight ferry. when i got home everyone kept asking me if i was exhausted, but really, i haven't felt this rested in a long time! only, now my body is used to going to bed around 7:00 p.m. i used to be up till 1:00 am pretty much every night, but now around 10:00 i feel like i'm dying!

4. souvlaki.

5. the acropolis. i still can't believe i've been there. and seeing it all lit up at night is stunning.

6. spending time in places where we know st. paul preached and worked.

7. coke.

8. finding my greek sandals. before i left i knew i wasn't coming back without a pair.

9. spaghetti. sometimes there is nothing better.

10. bougainvillea.

11. "i'm going to take off my pants and think." (craig)

12. "at least you know not to speak." (craig, to me)

13. we saw a man pooping on the side of the road when we were driving in the mountains away from olympia. and it wasn't because we caught him off guard. that's just where he goes to the bathroom. he had his toilet paper with him and everything.

14. warm chocolate croissants.

15. greek freeway driving practices.

16. swimming in the agean sea.

17. riding around santorini on the back of a 4-wheeler.

18. seeing the mask of agamemnon. in person.

19. people who fulfill stereotypes.

20. finally locating a nativity in greece. (i collect them)

21. copious amounts of reading time.

22. in flight movies.

23. collecting sand from three different areas of greece. (another thing i collect)

24. a swearing rabbi-in-training.

25. getting back to america and all it's luxuries.

26. ice. lots and lots of ice.

27. american sanitation standards.

28. getting back to my soft bed and my contoured pillow. oh how my back and neck missed them.

29. santorini sunsets. words cannot describe.

i had such an amazing time. normal blogging practices will now resume and i promise to post about my vacation soon. i'm waiting to get the rest of the pictures from the trip from craig.


April said...

I too love Greece, it is so gorgeous, I am so glad to here that you had such a wonderful thing. The water is so blue, I just love it. Did you eat Gyro's??? I think I had at least one a day!
And as a funny side note: While reading your list, I thought it was funny and kind of gross that listed directly under your comment about seeing a man poo on the side of the road you then listed warm chocolate crossiants...doesn't conjure up good images for me! Haha.

ashlee said...

april - greatest. observation. ever. oh how i miss you!

i didn't know you went to greece. when did that go down?