Tuesday, May 4, 2010

on my mind . . .

for some inexplicable reason, i feel really short today.

craig came over last night and we nailed down our itinerary for greece.
i'm so excited to go,
but i'm feeling really anxious about how many things i have to do before we leave.
another wedding, another paper, finals, obtain an international drivers license, packing . . .

i have to give a talk in church this sunday.
it's cruel, really, making people talk about their mother on mothers day.
i've already had to do it once. doesn't that mean i have a pass forever more?
i'm pretty sure it's in the bishop's handbook.

my boss is having one of his maniac episodes today.
as usual he's left a big project till the absolute last minute
and now we're all running around trying to combat his disorganization.

i got eyelash extensions today.
how very high maintenance of me.
but now i don't have to put on mascara every morning.
so that's exciting.
i'm going to see how long they last.
if they hold up pretty good, i'm going to get them re-done right before i leave for greece.
then i'll just be able to wake up and go every morning.
no fuss.
sounds good, right?

with only two weeks (ish) left of school
i'm starting to dream about extracurricular reading.
what to read?
i still have to finish the book thief (i'm sooo close).
at the top of my list are:
widow of the south
the far pavilions
any suggestions?


AngelaBeth said...

You're kidding me riiiight?
Eyelash extensions announcement and NO pictures?!
Who do you think you are, Ashlee?
I demand photos asap.

AngelaBeth said...

On another note.. the "word verification" for my last comment was "lawsrus"... which makes me think of a dinosaur/monster lawyer.. which I think is hilarious since you posted about a lawyer. Let's add 'lawsrus' to our vocab. Ok? Done.

Natalie* said...

reading - from my list of favorites:
widow of the south
the thirteenth tale
the other boleyn girl
mila 18

GREECE?!?!? SO jealous. alright, when should i submit my request list for things you can bring back for me? :D have an AMAZING time.

Jessica Havican said...

Ditto to Angela's comment! Where are the pictures?!

sEcr8t8gEnt said...

the book thief--awesome