Sunday, May 2, 2010

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

1. discovered a new blog. 1,000 awesome things. check it out. it is awesome. i laughed to myself several times.

2. do yourself a favor. go to youtube. find the video titled "unicorn after wisdom teeth." watch the video. you can thank me later.

3. the hendersons got some good news on saturday. somebody is moving to puerto rico! vacation plans have already begun.

4. not driving to los angeles for flowers. sharon has obtained a wholesale license and was very kind and let me use it to order flowers in to fresno, saving me 8 hours of driving.

5. i did flowers for another wedding this weekend. the bride was happy, so what more can you ask for? oh but i love arranging flowers.

6. people getting married. even though it makes me feel a little bit despondent and envious, it always makes me happy to see my friends fall in love and get married and start life as a family unit.

7. strawberries are in season here.

8. colorful flower gardens. there are an excessive amount of flowers loitering around all over the city with nothing better to do than delight my ocular receptors and elevate my spirits. red and yellow and orange and pink and, yes, even purple (probably my least favorite color) all bearing testimony that life is beautiful, and eclectic, and men are that they might have joy . . .

9. my new calling at church. i'm the primary chorister. (i know, right?) honestly i thought i would hate it, but i was willing to take one for the team (the team being my mother who is the primary president) and help a sister out. funnest. calling. ever. not to mention ridiculously easy. (compared to relief society president and gospel doctrine teacher, which are my usual callings.) (how odd is it that i can consider relief society president a usual calling . . . ?) who knew?

10. finally saw the blind side. amazing. doesn't it make you happy to know there are people like the tuohy's in the world! makes me wanna do a little more for my fellow man.


SunshineGrrl said...

I can't believe I saw a movie before you! This must go down in my journal. I am also inspired that there are people like the the Tuohy's (and Green's) in the world that inspire me to be a better person.