Sunday, June 20, 2010

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

1. 24, season 1 on netflix instant play. i'm 15 hours in.

2. fathers day dinner with the termeers. my dad requested tri-tip and broccoli. obviously we filled in the menu a bit . . .

3. saturday morning shooting session. a shotgun, a 40 caliber handgun, and a rifle of some sort. i hit at least two clay pigeons.

4. pineapple.

5. finally got to see prince of persia. man-o-man is that jake gyllenhaal one good-lookin' little devil.

6. ever since the lady gaga episode of glee afton has been singing the kiss song. yes. really. here we are a month later and she still just just busts out singing "shout it, shout it." (those are the only words she knows)

7. cooking adventures. this weekend i made chicken tikka masala and 'smore bars. both items were a success.

8. bangles.

9. virgin margaritas. i love them. i also love the weirdo looks i get when i order them.

10. my dad. he's pretty great. i really lucked out and i'm thankful for a day to celebrate father's and their roles in our lives.


Natalie* said...

amen to virgin margaritas, the lady gaga episode of glee (didn't you LOVE quinn's outfit?!) and pineapple!