Sunday, July 11, 2010

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

1. i finally repaired my dresser. one of the screws holding a track in became too stripped to hold it in place. as such, i've had a dresser drawer just sitting on my bedroom floor for weeks. which inspired me to throw things on top of it, which made my bedroom an unbearable disaster for weeks. i finally put it back in this weekend, and my bedroom is beginning to return to order once again.

2. i got the most adorable piggy bank from target. i needed a place to put all my change.

3. i finished scrapbooking last years new years eve at disneyland.

4. i finally broke down and bought the new bbc production of emma (with ramola garai). it arrived this week and my mom and i watched it saturday night after everyone left. oh it is sublime! (the movie, not everyone being gone . . . )

5. italy did not win the world cup. i pretty much didn't care who won (well, apart from being partial to usa, obviously, but that was a long shot . . .) as long as it wasn't italy. when they won four years ago i was so outraged because they were such dirty players, and france clearly outplayed them in the final. it was crap. and may i just say to the people in charge of world cup organizing, get your act together with the referee situation. if they can't call a fair game, they should be 86'd. permanently. ridiculous.

6. with the departure of michael, heidi, logan and afton, my bathroom is so clean and clutter free. don't get me wrong, it's great having everyone at home and stuff . . . but it's a little bathroom and only so much space . . . it still startles me every time i walk in there. i keep thinking, where is everything?! oh, yeah! it's put away!

7. i watched into the woods. it's a recording of the 1991 stage production. the thoughts i have after watching are these: 1. bernadette peters is disgustingly perfect. 2. no matter how many times i hear those two princes singing the agony song, i laugh.

8. people who spend a lot of money on their haircuts yet always seem to look like someone chopped at it with a hatchet and bad aim.

9. parents who think their badly behaved children are that way because "they're so smart" instead of just badly disciplined/over indulged. i'm not so much happy about dealing with them now, i'm mostly amused by the thought of the rude awakening to both parties that is coming in the very near future. have a good time.

10. how wearing pearls (or fake pearls) automatically makes you feel like a blue blood.


Natalie* said...

i'm hopelessly addicted to pearls. we should do a shopping swap you and i - buy two of everything pearl related and then send the other the second one. wouldn't that be divine?!

ashlee said...

oh natalie! this is obviously the most outstanding and reasonable idea anyone has ever had.