Sunday, July 4, 2010

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

1. battery back-up surge protector. this week the power went out at our office (as a result of the heat . . . boooo) when i was on page three of a document. i hadn't saved it yet (apparently i will never learn this lesson) and there was a moment of dread before i realized that the office manager had replaced my old power strip with a battery back-up one, which afforded me the time to save my document and close down my computer before i lost anything. oh how thankful i was!

2. rosting hot dogs and bratwurst over a fire.

3. shooting a bow and arrow on friday night. the bow had a 50 lb. draw and i could barely pull it back, but i have the most spectacular bruises on my forearm from the bowstring. (it would be a pity walk away without a souvenir.)

4. the sound of music

5. bullfrog finding. we were out on a little pond in a little fishing boat in the middle of the night. mind you, i'm not afraid of frogs in the least, but i must report that i screamed like a sissy-la-la every time those suckers started jumping around trying to get away. why do they always jump right at you? it just startles me and i start the squealing. (it didn't help that regina was right next to me screaming too.) oh but bullfrogs are adorable. i did hold one. and then i wanted to go home and watch the princess and the frog, but i didn't because i had already watched it once this week. moderation . . .

6. sytycd: that hip-hop routine by alex and twitch almost made me hyperventilate. brilliant.

7. on the night of hot dogs and bows and arrows and bullfrogs . . . we were up in the mountains, and when you looked up, you saw more stars than sky . . . remind me again why anyone lives in cities?

8. barbequed pineapple.

9. kiddie pools you can put up and take down in the back yard.

10. fireworks. my love of fireworks is just ridiculous.


Jessica Havican said...

hey james got a bruise too! Normally, I would feel left out, but I got about 20 mosquito bites (most the size of a silver dollar)including one on my forehead. So I brought home my own souvenir...