Sunday, August 15, 2010

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

1. there was an abundance of amazing dancing happening on thursday night's so you think you can dance finale, but little c and russel krumping together almost made my head explode. amazing. why can't i krump? why? it's just not right.

2. my halloween costume this year will be practically perfect in every way. my umbrella arrived this week and now i'm just wishing it will rain so i can use the dang thing. there is no way it's staying under wraps until halloween. it's too cool.

3. i got myself completely caught up on my reading blog.

4. drew's goodbye dinner. oh, how i'll miss him, but i'm excited for him to finally start taking classes in the field he's interested in. architectural engineering. apparently it involves a lot of math. better him than me.

5. hot-dogs with sliced avocado. it's good.

6. i managed to carve out hours and hours of reading time this past week. it was wonderful.

7. i am not crazy. i know i've said this before. but i talk to so many crazy people at work. (some people collect books or souvenir spoons or dolls . . . my boss collects crazy people. it's his thing.) i'm just so thankful to be me.

8. dinner with the termeer's. always enjoyable.

9. mis-communication which resulted in two deserts at sunday night dinner. this should always happen.

10. popsicles & root beer floats.


Natalie said... i think i know who you are going to be for halloween. and if it is who i think it is, can i just say that you are awesome?! i DREAM of having that costume. we shall see if i am right.

also, so did not know about your reading blog. how did i miss this?!