Friday, August 20, 2010

sister in the spotlight

i got an email from a lady in my ward asking if i would be interested in being the spotlight sister in next months newsletter. i'm not sure how the whole thing works because i've never actually been to relief society in my ward. i went straight from the singles ward to the primary. but i filled out the questionnaire and decided to share it with ya'll.

where were you born and raised?

born: slc, utah; raised: fresno, ca

have you lived anywhere else? if not from fresno, how did you come to fresno?

i lived in rexburg, id and provo, ut for school. i have also lived in irvine, ca and grantsville, ut

if married, how did you meet? how long did you date before getting married?

not married.

what qualities do you appreciate most about your husband?


who does your family include?

mom, dad, 2 sisters, 4 brothers, 1 niece, 1 nephew, 1 brother-in-law, 1 dog, 1 cat and 1 neal

who is your best friend? what do you love about her/him?

probably my friend craig. we've been friends since we were about 15. he's very organized and reliable but we have the most outrageous fun together. we went to greece this past summer and had such an amazing time. we're similar in how we balance silly and serious in our lives.

education, occupation, special skills, talents or accomplishments?

i'm studying history at fresno state right now. i work in a law office. i'm a good organizer; i'm creative; i'm really good at remaining calm in an emergency; i'm good at reading aloud; i'm a good teacher; i'm an accidental wedding florist; i love to decorate for parties and events; i have a blog; i make really good paper snowflakes.

do you have hobbies or special interests? what do you like to do with your free time?

i spend most of my free time reading. but i also love camping, movies, theatre, dancing, games (especially scrabble), and playing dr. mario.

have you or do you want to travel? where?

i've been to chile, mexico, canada (niagara falls), greece and all over the east coast. i love travel. my wander-list is unending. currently at the top are great britain, france, italy, india and egypt.

what have been the biggest events in your life?

goodness, it's hard to say!
1. going through the temple gave me a groundedness in the gospel that i didn't expect. i feel like ever since then the gospel has been so much more internal and integral and solid in my soul than it ever was before.
2. any time i travel outside the united states reminds me how superfluously blessed we are. i come back with a renewed appreciation and reverence for our founding fathers and the spirit that guided them.

what church missions or callings have you enjoyed?

i loved being a teacher in both gospel doctrine and relief society. i was the relief society president twice in the singles ward which i can't really say i loved but it taught me a lot and i was able to really see the way the Lord can take over and you can become his instrument. right now i'm the primary music director and i don't now why there isn't a waiting list for this calling. it's the most fun i've ever had in a calling.

what do you love about the church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints?

i love the peace and direction and confidence it brings into my life. i have an end-goal. i have maps. i have a plan. people always talk about external influences and their effects, and i feel like the more centered i become in the gospel the less they effect me. the world become less and less of an influence and more and more like an interesting experiment i'm watching. instead of being influenced i become the influence.

what are you looking forward to?


do you have a favorite scripture, motto or saying?

i really love it when the scriptures talk about working out your own salvation. i know we need the atonement and we cannot gain salvation without our Saviors help, but i'm determined to do EVERYTHING that i can do on my own. i want to be part of the solution, part of the forward movement. people always talk about how great agency is, and it is. but I really love accountability. i'm in such an amazing place in my life. i'm happier than i've ever been and i know it's because i have sought after it. i heeded what the prophets have said and applied it. i've worked hard for it. and i continue to work for it every day. owning that gives me confidence in my ability to do whatever is asked of me. on the other hand, when i mess up or find things that aren't in accordance with the gospel in my life, i know i have the ability to change that. i can apply the atonement and work hard and make my weak things strong. accountability brings me so much confidence and inspires me to work harder.

is there anything else you would like your sisters to know about you?

people tell me a lot that i'm really intimidating, but i don't mean to be! please, come talk to me! i'm nice! i promise!


muzikgenyus said...

What an awesome spirit you have, Ashlee. I love how positive you are in everything you wrote for this. You are such an example to me. And I don't think you are intimidating. But I feel for you on that. People tell me all the time that I am intimidating... with regards to music. And it always makes me mad. We shouldn't hold back our talents because others are insecure. I think you're great! Keep being you! =)