Wednesday, September 29, 2010

i've been making stuff

i've been makin stuff lately, and i wanted to blog about it, but i had to wait until all the gifts were properly given before i could post about them or else ruin the surprise. my sister finally received her birthday package, so now i'm in the clear.
first, for my sisters birthday i made her a banner to hang in her house. they moved to puerto rico for school so they couldn't take all of their decorations with them, and they don't want to spend tons of money decorating the apartment their living in because they'll be leaving in four years and they won't want to ship a ton of decorations back. i made it out of felt so it's easy to store, light to ship, and if it gets thrown away in four years it's no big deal. i backed all the flags with velcro so she can change the flags for each season. i made flags for halloween and thanksgiving. next up i'll work on christmas and winter, even though winter in puerto rico hardly qualifies . . .



next, one of my close friends is having a baby boy. i made her burp clothes by sewing ribbon onto the cloth and then embroidering his name onto it.

lastly, i saw pictures of these pie pops on a blog last week and new immediately i wanted to try it. it was actually super simple. these are apple pie pops. i'm anxious to try other kinds. we're also toying with the idea of puting meatballs and marinara sause inside. or chocolate and marshmallows. the possibilities are endless!


muzikgenyus said...

Look at you, Martha Stewart!!! Those banners are awesome!

Louis said...

I just want to know how it is that you took all of the crafty genes! Look how cute all of this stuff is! And those apple pie pop...YUM! They look so good!