Sunday, December 5, 2010

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

1. my mom and i recreated this advent calendar and delivered it to our target on the 1st.

2. paper snow flakes.

3. excellent testimony meeting on sunday.

4. impromptu birthday parties with cake.

5. craft days.

6. my body and my killer immune system that continue to function well for me despite the abuse and fatigue i subject them to.

7. finishing my final paper in my armenian history class. all i have left this semester is a paper for my british history in film class and a final test for my armenian history class. the tunnel is ending. i can see the light. it's pretty dim . . . (the paper has to be 10 pages (kill me)) but it is there.

8. home made potato soup. heaven.

9. we hosted a party for the primary board at our house. half way through the night we noticed that someone had carved two wooden stars and hidden them in our house. it was very cute. we were at a complete loss as to who could have done it, but the culprit confessed before the end of the night. (in hindsight, we should have known who did it . . . )

10. i'm so thankful for the plan of salvation and for my knowledge and testimony of it. it brings me such comfort and peace in the most difficult of times.


Natalie said...

hugs to you from virginia. also, that advent calendar is awesome. i hope your target fully appreciates it. i know i would.

muzikgenyus said...

I LOVE every single one of your items this week! In fact, I just love YOU! Glad you are doing well and that you're still healthy! =) Let's hug when I come home for Christmas!