Sunday, December 26, 2010

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

1. catching up on sleep.

2. a lovely memorial for my friend david.

3. fhe at five guys burgers.

4. giving gifts. this year my sister and i put together a wordle for each sibling from words we collected from everyone else.

5. family dinner at rio grill.

6. lots of movie watching.

7. speaking of movie watching. true grit. see it. see it now!

8. surprise announcement from heidi and logan: they're pregnant!

9. my mom completely surprised me this year with my gift. she got me a new tv for my room. the one i had in there was about 12 years old! now i have a sparkly new lcd hi-def flat-screen. even better, it connects to the internet so i can stream netflix directly to my bedroom tv.

10. just a few more days till disneyland!


AngelaBeth said...

New tv?! AWESOME! I'm mostly jealous about the netflix right in your room in fantastic quality.

Natalie said...

CANNOT WAIT to see your photos of disney at christmas/new years! so you liked TRUE GRIT? i grew up watching the john wayne version so we EXTATIC to see this new version's trailer back in october. jay and i are going thursday night to celebrate our 10th anniversary: french bistro for dinner and to see TRUE GRIT after - so excited!