Wednesday, December 22, 2010

a disturbing lack of christmas spirit

this christmas season has been beyond hectic. i've feel like i've been running amuck, doing lots of things for lots of people. now here we are, three days before christmas, and i'm not feeling it at all. i think it started when we were too busy to see the messiah. usually that really kicks off the season for me. i tried to jolt myself into christmas mode the other day by listening to the messiah straight through, but it's just not the same.

i haven't seen any spectacular displays of lights.

i haven't had time to watch my beloved cheesy tv christmas movies.

i haven't wrapped a single present.

i didn't have time to make ornaments to send off to friends like i wanted to do.

no cards.

tonight i'm going caroling. then i think i'll put myself to bed asap and delve into my illustrated copy of a christmas carol. i'm definitely going to watch it thursday or friday night. try to salvage these last few days.

any other suggestions?


AngelaBeth said...

My favorite Christmas movie is only about 7 minutes long and I HAVE to kick off the Christmas season with it.
If you're interested (it's super cute and old):

Good luck finding your Christmas spirit!

Jessica Havican said...

baking christmas treats always gets me in the mood. Make a ginger bread house or man or sugar cookies shaped like Christmas trees and Candy Canes and then doorbell ditch them on someone's door that needs some cheering up!

muzikgenyus said...

It's the day after Christmas and I still don't feel like it's Christmas! I dunno if it's because I was so preoccupied with coming home to see my family (and friends) after being in St. George for the last five months, or if I just wasn't paying attention... but it just never felt like Christmas to me. And now it's over. Bleh! Well, at least I'll get to have a little Christmas jam session tomorrow night before we put all the holiday music away. Come join us if you like, Monday night, 5pm till whenever, my parents' house in Northwest Fresno....