Sunday, December 19, 2010

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

1. officially ending my semester. freedom!

2. trashing my professor on a waste of my time and money.

3. friend christmas dinner at flemmings. it. was. delicious.

4. layered red velvet cupcakes and cream cheese frosting in mason jars. my little gift to my friends at dinner. they turned out adorable.

5. tuesday night massage.

6. nanny mcphee returns. i watched it while making jingle bells for singing time in primary. a good way to spend an evening.

7. our christmas program on sunday was pretty good. my kids sang two songs (very well,if i do say so myself) and i sang three songs with the ward choir. the ward christmas party on saturday night was another matter altogether . . . . terrible. simply terrible.

8. rain! lots and lots of rain! while most people around here are grumbling about it, i'm a happy girl. i like the rain. not to mention the fact that we're always in dire straights as far as water is concerned here in the central valley. you think everyone would be jumping for joy about the water!

9. i got about 85% of my christmas shopping done on saturday.

10. i am a thief. it's true. on saturday, i pulled my shopping cart out of the stall and there was an umbrella hanging off the side of it that someone had left. and took it home. i considered turning it in to lost and found, but really, who is going to go back to a store looking for their umbrella? so now it is keeping my mother dry. (i already have three umbrellas of my own, so i really didn't need to keep it as my own.) i am reveling in the feeling of doing something a little bit naughty. that straight and narrow gets a bit tedious at times, you know . . .


AngelaBeth said...


and your mason jar cupcakes sound adorable! did you remember to take a pic of one?