Thursday, December 16, 2010

on my mind

i just turned in my stupid 10 page paper
to my stupid teacher
at my stupid school
(at least this is how i'm feeling right now)
mostly i'm feeling super frustrated because
when i dropped the paper off he finally returned my last paper
which wouldn't be as frustrating if there was a single comment on the paper
what could i improve on?
what did i not address?
was it a style issue?
who knows? because he didn't write one single comment on the paper
not one!!
a b- signifies that there is a lot of room for improvement
but how am i supposed to improve if you don't offer any pointers?
also i feel frustrated because the professor missed about
one-fourth of our class periods
and he never lectured
we just showed up and watched movies
then, about a week before a paper was due
he would email us links to journal articles
most of the time i couldn't figure out what they had to do with the movies we watched
maybe i'm just dumb
(i'm pretty sure that's not it)
i think he and his phd just couldn't be bothered with something as menial as students
the saddest part is that he's the professor most likely to teach british history
which is what i'm most interested in
but i'm certainly not going to take a class from him again


on a happier note
my mind is reeling with delight at the thought of
reading something non-scholastic
oh what to pick?!
currently at the top of my list are
the forgotten garden
wuthering heights
jane eyre
catching fire
a christmas carol
i probably shouldn't read jane eyre since i just re-read it last year
but i'm feeling lonely for it
i'll probably watch the movie instead
any other suggestions?


tomorrow night i'm meeting a group of friends for our
friend christmas dinner
very official title, i know
we're going to flemmings
i've never been there before and i'm very much looking forward to it


i've let myself get pretty exhausted over the past few weeks
i'm planning on an early bedtime tonight
and also a shower
an indulgently long one


tonight i am trying a new cooking/craft
i'm giving them as gifts tomorrow night at said dinner
i'll let you know how it goes
in the meantime, i need to find a red velvet cake recipe


AngelaBeth said...

Is there any way you can submit a review to the school? OOOooh! Go on and give him a horrible review! That should at least help your own personal feelings and maybe you'll help other people out too.. and then no one will take his class and they'll have to fire him! hahhaha.

Also.. I follow over four hundred blogs in google reader (shut up! it's totally a legit obsession.. ready?) and here are the first results for my search for 'red velvet cake' in my recipes folder:

Some of them are probably the same recipe but I thought I'd give you options. You're super Martha Stewart so you'll probably just combine them all and come out with Super Best Ever Red Velvet Cake. Ok... I have a problem.

Natalie said...

oh that you lived here and we could take in JANE EYRE together. i'm lonely for it, too. have you read THE THIRTEENTH TALE yet? what about THESE IS MY WORDS? both fabulous reads.

Jessica Havican said...

Does Fresno State send out teacher evaluations at the end of every semester? If not, they should. James has found that most teachers with a PH'd aren't meant to be teachers. They lack the social skills and compassion. That would frustrate the heck out of me if i got a B- paper with no feed back. Heck, it would frustrate me if I got any paper (A or c) with not feed back. Enjoy these next two weeks Ashlee, you deserve a break! Happy Christmas!

P.S. Watch or read Jane Eyre if you are longing for it. You will continue to long for it until it is satisfied. :)