Sunday, January 2, 2011

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

1. disneyland's gumbo. (no seafood) it's ridiculously good.

2. finally eating at the blue bayou. i had the filet mignon. i will go back.

3. playing in the disney animation building in california adventure. it's so fun! i dubbed my voice over the mad hatter and sang the unbirthday song, and then over baloo and sang the bare necessities.

4. the world of color show at california adventure is astounding. there are no words. i still can't get over it. i can't wait to see it again. and it lasts a full half hour!

5. we found seven hidden mickeys. i think i need to get the book.

6. the return of captain eo. i loved it so much when i was little. seeing it again took me waaaaay back.

7. the rain stopped for the two days we were at disneyland, which was much appreciated. however, with the rain gone and the sky so clear, it was freezing. i've never been that cold in southern california in my life!

8. fireworks. this year i didn't try to get any pictures of them. i just sat back and let my inner five year old be giddy over the spectacular display.

9. instant dry nail polish. i have no patience for sitting around and waiting for my nails to dry.

10. three weeks in to winter break and i finally finished a book sunday night.


Natalie said...

isn't WORLD OF COLOR just crazy good?! i sat next to a stranger to watch it and i'm sure he thought i was crazy because of all the audible gasps i was uttering. i had perma-grin, too - like as bad as on my wedding day. SO GOOD.
and blue bayou - fanFREAKINtastic, right? it's sad that the lighting is so non-photo friendly because i wanted to take a million in that place.
my sister was at dland last year at christmas and she said the best place for hot cocoa is the bakery/coffee shop next to the disney store at downtown disney - she left the park just for it and then went back in.
and YES you need the hidden mickeys book - it's a blast.