Tuesday, January 4, 2011


this year my resolutions are as follows:

- read twelve books. ideally i'll read one per month, but i'll allow myself to play catch up/ get ahead during summer and winter breaks.

- be able to run at least three straight miles by the end of the year. this will put me in a place to aim for the disneyland half marathon next year.

- (re)read the book of mormon and doctrine and covenants by the end of the year.

- re-memorize all of the articles of faith (in order to set a good example for the primary kids who have been issued the challenge)

- cut out ninety-nine percent of my soda intake.

- learn a new skill: i've already picked photography. i want to buy a good camera this year. after looking at my pictures from greece, my biggest regret is not having a good camera. my sister has a canon rebel t1i and my dad just got a canon rebel t2i. i'm going to play around a little with his and see how it goes. any suggestions on books or techniques or anything? i've never taken a class, and i'm really planning on just teaching myself. it'll just be more for a creative outlet than anything.


AngelaBeth said...

I still have all my photo textbooks. I don't have a very nice camera but you can borrow the books and I can show you a few things. :) I like your resolutions. I downloaded Stanza on my iPod and am already reading my way through the new year.