Sunday, January 16, 2011

(less than) 10 things that made me happy this week . . .

1. on saturday we took my two year old niece to see tangled. i've been anxious to see it ever since i saw the previews. (i'm a big fan of chuck and mandy moore, so i was excited to hear them voice the characters.) it was her first movie at a theatre and she sat enthralled through the whole thing. (as did i) she was also very impressed by the "big tv."

2. i received the photo 101 book i ordered from nicole hill gerulat of a little sussy. i am using it to move forward with my "learn a new skill: photography" resolution. i dream of one day going on one of her international photo retreats.

3. i did the centerpieces for another wedding this past weekend. we almost had a catastrophe. the main flowers for the centerpieces were supposed to be lilies. i ordered a bunch, but being the middle of winter, they were very green. i tried and tried to force them open, but to no avail. luckily i found some spider-mums to take their place on the cheap. (walmart redeemed itself a little this week)

4. with the completion of the wedding on friday night, i am free of responsibility for other peoples events for the foreseeable future. i'm ready for a break. that may sound kind of selfish, but i feel like my entire winter break was eaten up by other peoples schedules/events/plans/etc.

5 - 10. savoring a few moments here and there of not having anything that needs to be accomplished immediately. going to bed early. sleeping in when possible. school starts next week so i'm savoring this calm before the storm.