Saturday, January 15, 2011

new years eve 2010

i spent new years eve at disneyland again this year. we had a much smaller group this time, on sharon, neal and me, but we had a great time. we spent two days again, day one (december 30) at california adventure and day two (december 31) at disneyland. i know it's not possible (since they reach maximum capacity every year at new years) but it seemed more crowded this year than last year. i wore my best running shoes and my feet still hurt so bad by the end of the trip i wanted to cry. but that's the nature of the beast. also, this year it was cold. very, very cold. i have never been so cold in southern california. but at least it stopped raining for the days we were there.
day one: california adventure
playing in the redwood creek canyon trail

playing in the disney animation building

it seems they were expecting me . . .

getting ready for world of color

a word about world of color
i'm counting the day's until i get to see it again
(from aladdin)

(from pocahontas)

day two: disneyland

captain eo. i was so excited to see it again
brings back so many memories

my first time eating at the blue bayou

for natalie

haunted mansion in the style of a nightmare before christmas

snow on main street

they say you have to kiss a lot of frogs . . .

i'm a good driver, i swear!

i wonder how much they would charge to come a decorate my house?

on our way out


AngelaBeth said...

Those Minnie ears are the cutest thing ever atop your head. Also, Neal is a stud.

Natalie said...

yay - SO AWESOME!!! thanks for the rare and exotic nod - hehehe.