Tuesday, January 11, 2011

a wedding in laguna beach

my ex-sister-in-law got re-married on saturday in laguna beach. we're still quite close with her and she asked me to do her flowers. it was a very small wedding. a ceremony on the beach followed by a luncheon reception for maybe forty people. on friday night my mom and i headed down to spend the night. one of my dad's good friends is renting a place on the ocean side of the pch in laguna beach and offered to let us stay there. it was amazing. he has a view of the ocean and a walkway down to the beach. i fell asleep listening to the crashing waves, which is a most excellent sound to fall asleep to. (i hope you all have had the experience.)

here are a few pictures of the flowers and the friendly parrots at the luncheon restaurant:

the ceremony location

bridal bouquet and bridesmaids corsages

the blue parrot was a little testy, but the red one was quite curious indeed

inspecting the camera lens

enthralled by shiny objects