Sunday, February 6, 2011

10 things that made me happy this week . . .

1. just dance and just dance 2 on the wii. good times for all.

2. homemade dinner with friends. i made this. it was bomb.

3. prepared and mailed off my taxes. it's good. it's real good. i'm in vacation planning mode.

4. cream cheese. pretty much it makes everything taste better. my favorites this week are multi-grain toast + cream cheese + homemade pomegranate jelly; and cream cheese + pico de gallo + chips.

5. an idiot abroad. it is so funny. my mom and i watched if for hours on saturday night.

6. i finally got added to my african history class. i'm excited. i'm doing a report on rwanda.

7. i learned how to write "i love you" in hieroglyphics.

8. beginning researching for vacations.

9. we're in that crazy part of the year where the mornings are frigid, but the afternoons are quite warm. it makes getting dressed a bit tricky sometimes, but the afternoon sunshine and temperatures in the mid-to-upper sixties . . . . wonderful.

10. ___________________ (fill in the blank)


Jessica Havican said...

I miss the fresno weather so much! And I would've never thought to put creamcheese and pico de gailo together. I'll have to try that now.

SunshineGrrl said...

I keep trying to petition mom and dad to let me take them to Bombay House. They don't trust me that the food is simply the best ever in existence. Perhaps your added support will sway them? If I must, I may have to make the Chicken Tikka Masala, but it's just not the same!