Thursday, February 3, 2011

on my mind

this morning i woke up to find my uvula swollen
really swollen
i feel like i'm choking on it


i had to scrape frost off my windshield this morning
it's the first time i've had to do it this winter
considering the amount of show they're getting in the midwest
i'll take it


i'm taking critical thinking in anthropology this semester
it's required and i'm not excited about it
the text book has pictures of lindsay lohan and paris hilton in it
and i'm supposed to take it seriously?
also, my teacher is one of those people who over-explain
to the point of making simple things incomprehensible
i've taken to doing kenken puzzles during his digressions and asides
so far he's defined what an argument is
(as if fifteen years of working in the legal field hasn't taught me that)
and now we're doing stuff with venn diagrams
and people wonder why/how other countries are out-educating us?


verizon now has a version of that angry birds game
pretty much i'm not getting anything done


i was thinking of painting the back of my bedroom door
with chalkboard paint
but now i'm thinking instead i want to cover the whole thing with cork
(note to self: how would you attach it?)


SunshineGrrl said...

They have little squares of cork that have adhesive on the back you could use. Don't know where you can find them, but they have them. I like the chalkboard idea better, though. Much more fun in my opinion! Then if you have some angst, you can just take some chalk and take it out on the back of your door.