Tuesday, February 15, 2011

things i love

this plaster set hung on my grandmothers bedroom wall. they were a handmade and painted gift from her sister on the occasion of her marriage to my grandfather. when my grandma passed away a few years ago i knew immediately i wanted them. my mother thinks they're ridiculous, but every time i see them i think of the nights i slept in my grandmothers bed, and i remember the way she always slept upside down in her bed (feet at the headboard), and the tiffany blue rotary phone that sat on the far bedside table for so many years. they hang on my bedroom wall.

stila smudge pots are essential to my make-up routine. if they ever stop making it i might die. this is how i accomplish my black cat eye. (i use a very small flat brush i bought at sephora). the best thing about the smudge pot line is that it will not smear or run, so i don't have to worry about raccoon eye in the middle of the day.
this oil painting was a gift from my dad. it's a picture of people strolling on the champs-elysees with the arc de triomphe in the background. my love of the french language and desire to travel around france have confounded the rest of my family since high school. my dad always teases me about how snooty the french are and why would i want to go there? i remember i was at my first sarah brightman concert when he called to tell me he had bought it and was mailing it to me (i was away at school). i had it custom framed shortly thereafter and it's hung on my wall ever since. it's the first piece of art i've ever owned.

i had a couple of requests for pictures of the shoes i described in my 10 things post.
here they are:

could you die? i love shoes. you might not guess it because i spend about 90% of my time in converse or my trusty brown leather motorcycle boots, but i do love me a flashy pair of heels. these ones are pretty comfortable as far as heels go. i dream of one day dropping an obscene amount of money on a lavish pair of shoes. perhaps some with conspicuous red soles . . .
for now, though, i'll stick with what i can find at ross and marshalls and nordstrom rack.


AngelaBeth said...

I'm so jealous. I've been searching and searching for a good pair of glitter heels (I even did a blog post a while back on it) and have looked in the mall and online. In fact, all my ads are pretty much for shoes.com and glitter heels or frederick's of hollywood (I was shopping for bras recently too hah). You're lucky Marshall's doesn't carry anything in my shoe size or I would go swipe me a matching pair. They're pretty.

AngelaBeth said...

I would SO be down for those. If they magically ever appear in a size 11 you better let me know asap. But for now I'll admire yours.

(ps... I wanted those EXACT shoes a while ago in the rainbow leopard design "white multi":

http://www.endless.com/dp/B0024NLV1S/189-7608085-8754639?ie=UTF8&creative=395033&linkCode=asn&tag=googlecom09c9_endless-20&suppressRedirect=1&creativeASIN=B0024NLV1S )