Thursday, March 17, 2011

on my mind . . .

i called and scheduled a massage for tonight.
it's long overdue.
i'm excited.


i forgot it was st. patricks day.
on tuesday i thought about it
but i didn't remember when i woke up this morning.
nor did i remember when a group of 19-year old girls passed by
with neon green ribbons and accents.
it wasn't until my teacher flashed a calendar on the overhead
and i saw today was the 17
that i remembered.
and then when i went home between class and work
i forgot again.
i didn't get around to putting green on my person until lunch.


i have to give a power point presentation in my african history class.
mine is on rwanda.
we turned in hard copies of our power point.
i use the words plebeian and exacerbated in mine.
i thought about trying to find more common words
but then i got snobby.
those were the first words that came to my mind
when i was trying to figure out what i wanted to say.
and if they don't understand
well . . .
that's not my problem.
buy a dictionary.


i leave for paris four weeks from today!
at this point in the planning stages i'm completely stressed.
trying to figure out which activities to group together
on which day
how long each will take . . .
today i looked up the distance from paris to mount saint michele
it's about 176 miles
but the travel time was estimated at 4.5 hours
how on earth could it take 4.5 hours to drive 176 miles?
i need to figure this all out so we can book our hotel and maybe a rental car.
also, we might try to squeeze in a day or two in barcelona . . .
so i really need to get this nailed down!


Beck Bee said...

Melanie R and I took the train to Rennes and then the bus to Mont Saint Michel. It was an easy trip, but I don't remember how long it took us. We didn't have to pay much extra because we had our eurail pass at the time.