Sunday, March 6, 2011

things that made me happy this week . . .

- we have been having the most perfect weather here. warm afternoons, brisk mornings and evenings, occasional rain . . . glorious.
- i bought/received two new headbands.
- stealing reading time.
- my mom and i finally got around to watching temple grandin. temple grandin is an autistic woman who grew up in a time when autism was completely misunderstood (i think he called it child onset scizophrenia). it demonstrates the different ways in which she views the world, learns, experiences life and relates to those around her. it is such an amazing movie, and clair danes is sublime (as always).
- added a third member to our paris trip!
- i went and saw the adjustment bureau. the movie is good enough, but i really liked the message behind it. free will (aka agency) is such a precious gift. it is so important that we recognize it's value and use it responsibly.
- i am now the proud owner of an emersonmade poppy. i love it. i'm fighting the urge to wear it every day. i got the five inch one.
- les miserables was the first show i ever saw live in a theatre. i was about twelve and it consumed me. i 've seen it four or five times since and i think it's probably my absolute favorite, as far as theatre productions go. it's not been on tour since 2006 and i miss it. the older i get the more it moves me. sunday night pbs broadcast the 25th anniversary concert which took place in london at the o2 theatre last year (thanks for the heads up natalie!). i'm still not a fan of lea solanga, but the rest of the cast was pretty stellar, even the jonas brother. i ate it all up, and it's still on the dvr and i'm sure i'll watch it again (only this time i can fast forward through those horrid telethon bits). in an excellent display of emotional discipline, i only cried about four times.


Natalie said...

i'm saving my DVRed les miz for some uninterrupted time...don't know when that's going to happen...
oh my WORD that is going to be dangerous for me!
wish i was the 4th on your paris trip.
oh how i want an EM poppy...that five inch red, just like yours...covet, covet, covet. wear it every day, girl - i would!

michelle's 10 things said...

Hi Ashlee. I thought the cast was superior, except for the Jonas brother. Also, Gavroche seemed too old and tall.
I also posted on my blog about this production, but the main reason I am commenting is that the DVD fom this is under $20.00 at Amazon. Then you can skip pledge breaks AND get youy dvr/tivo space back :) (I have the link on my blog and get credit if you order from there.)