Sunday, June 5, 2011

things that made me happy this week . . .

- memorial day = day off from work; family time; barbecue; sleeping in; relaxation

- bowling on friday night. i broke 100 and came in second place. what can i say, we're not very good . . .

- i got in 12 miles of exercise walking this week.

- it rained all weekend long. it's june, and it's raining. we even had to use the heater on saturday. we are all dumbfounded by the weather this year. dumbfounded. no complaints here. i love the cooler temperatures.

- i finally caught up with my friend drew over the weekend. he's been away at school so i haven't seen him since august. we miss him so when he's gone!

- surprise visit with kristen, my best friend from childhood. she was in town for her mother's 60th birthday party. 

- cuddling with my niece.

- finally finished the hunger games series.