Sunday, June 12, 2011

things that made me happy this week . . .

- for my 16th birthday my mother gave me my grandmother's engagement ring. i haven't been able to wear it for most of that time because it need to be resized, and then it needed to be re-pronged. i finally dropped it off to be fixed and now i get to wear it. it's very special to me.

- neal and i bought our les miserables tickets. i'm so excited to see it again!! 

- my boden union jack scarf finally arrived. just in time for it to get blazing hot here. oh well, i look forward to wearing it in the fall.

- on saturday i helped my friend make a costume for a work conference. we were attempting to recreate this. it was pretty hysterical. (and yes, i said work conference.)

-  neil patrick harris and hugh jackman's sing-off/duet at the tony awards. delightful. my mom was shocked when they started singing.

- polka dot nails

- sunday afternoon spent watching grin-inducing musicals.