Sunday, July 17, 2011

things that made me happy this week . . .

gonna go for a slightly different format this week. this week at our house has been quite eventful. john returned home from his mission on wednesday night. michael and neal both came home so we were all together for the first time in two years. it's been really great to spend time together as family. a lot of laughing. a lot of tormenting. games. 

also, heidi finally had her baby! sunday afternoon. a little girl. emery lou henderson. she looks just like afton did as a baby. i can't wait for them to come home from the hospital so that i can have full, unlimited access. isn't holding newborn babies just the best thing ever!? afton is over the moon about being a big sister.

other highlights from this week include:

- harry potter marathon weekend. i watched all seven movies over the weekend in preparation for my monday night ticket to see the final film. i. can't. wait. i'm a little sad i didn't make it to the midnight showings, but i had work the next day.

- watching the usa women's soccer team compete for first place. how amazing was it they made it so far!?! well done ladies. while i'm sad they lost, i must say, if anyone could use a win right now, it's japan.

-  food. the rampant overindulging that's gone on this weekend has been quite delightful. back to making sensible, responsible, healthy choices on monday . . . 

- mike's fiancee, sarah, plays the cello. she played at church for john's homecoming and also gave us a few performances at home. don't you just love how the cello sounds? i do.

-  the mild summer we've been having here in fresno. it was down in the 80's this week!! this is not the fresno i know, and i couldn't be more thankful. i have a sneaking suspicion we're going to pay for it somehow, but i'm just going to enjoy it while it's here.


Jessica Havican said...

I love holding newborns too! I am starting to miss it, but not enough to plan for baby number 2 just yet...congrats on the new niece.

Natalie said...

growing up it was e3ither the violin or the cello - i chose the violin and while i love it, the cello has a soulfulness that is unrivaled in the musical world.