Sunday, July 31, 2011

things that made me happy this week . . .

- my friend natalie sent me a mp3 download through after reading my remarks about the cello last week. it was so thoughtful and completely caught me by surprise and just made my week.

- i saw jason from so you think you can dance at the movie theatre the other night. i recognized his face, but couldn't place him, so i was smiling at him, thinking i knew him from church or school, but he didn't smile back, so then i was confused. after i figured out who he was i was super excited, but i kept my dignity. it recalled to my mind how much i loved his necklace dance with janine and the zombie strangulation hip hop number with kayla. that's the year i saw the tour. so good.

- finished anne of green gables. i can't believe i never read it as a little girl. i saw the movies, of course, but never got around to reading the books. tragedy. also, this puts me at 11 books for the year, so i'm way ahead of my resolution of 12 for the entire year. 

- cheesecake apples from rocky mountain chocolate factory. i always stop by and pick one up when i go to the movies at edwards.

- country music. i go though phases with music, and watching country strong this week turned me back on to my love of country music.

- lady gaga was a guest judge on so you think you can dance this week and i loved her presence and comments. as weird as she can be, she really is quite intelligent and articulate. and the dancing this week!! oh my goodness. so amazing!

- cooking italian with matt. delicious. i think one day i would like to move to italy for a spell and spend all my time learning to cook like an italian and eating. who's coming with me?


Chelsea Nicole said...

next time you and matt decide to cook italian.. please call me :)