Thursday, January 26, 2012

on my mind

i finished my book
cinderella ate my daughter.
it was a lot better than i expected.
it gave me a lot to think about
and made me re-evaluate
how i look at things
how i judge things
how i perceive things
how i present myself
why i like the things i like
how i react to things.
i'm coming away from it determined to be
more aware of and more accountable for
my interaction with media.
i would recommend it.
(even if you don't have a daughter.)


oscar nominations were announced this week.
of the nine films nominated for best picture
only one is rated "R".
this is a testament to the fact that
(despite the industry's belief)
you don't have to have nudity, violence,
and offensive language to make meaningful movies.

i don't know if it's progress or a fluke,
but it makes me very happy.


i am so excited for book club tonight.
it's our first meeting.
i can't wait to meet everyone
and talk about books
and get different perspectives on what we read.
also, i can't wait to pick our next book!


my school schedule this semester is wonderful.
and by wonderful i mean no papers.
no papers!!
i could die of happiness.


Jessica Havican said...

I have been looking for a book to read! I think I'm going to check this out at the library! And I much prefer papers over exams. It gives me time to meticulously think out what I want to say. I am a horrible test taker!

Logan and Heidi said...

does this mean your going to stop pushing the princess stuff on Afton!? And are the movies getting better or are the standards of pg- 13's getting lower?

Ashlee Green said...


i don't like writing papers on subjects that are assigned to me, and that's all they know how to do at fresno state. i'd much rather take a multiple choice test than make up a bunch of nonsense just to fulfill the teachers required word count.

and definitely read the book. it's good.


i hardly think i can be held accountable for afton's fondness for princess paraphernalia. if i remember correctly, i turned her on to peter pan . . .

as it happens, the author thinks the worst of all the disney princesses is the little mermaid (your favorite, if i'm not mistaken), a girl who willingly gives up her voice for a man, seconded only by snow white, who basically does nothing.

you should read the book, too. i think you'd really enjoy it. i just handed it off to mom.