Sunday, January 8, 2012

things that made me happy this week . . .

- clean car, clean sheets, clean laundry, clean(er) room . . . slowly but surely order is returning.

- quiet nights alone after such a long period of commotion.

- making my new year resolutions.

- watching peter pan with afton. it was her first time and it was a hit.

- i'm reading the hobbit for the first time. i cannot wait for the movie!! i love the tone of tolkien stories. they're so cozy.

- the new boden spring line. fantastic. i ordered a dress.

- my brand new iPhone 4s. i can finally play with all the cool kid apps!


Natalie said...

oh so many exciting thing this week! i can completely agree with the first one and the second one -- and we didn't even have company or a wedding -- i bet you are feeling much more calm with everything settling down again. i know i am. when i get my iPhone 4s i'll need your help -- end of february, my friend and not a minute too soon either. we've set our plans for dec. 14th and THE HOBBIT -- it's going to be so great to see tolkien on the big screen again! don't you LOVE bode spring?! i ordered the scalloped top and want that large print blue and white dress so bad -- which one did you get? have you read the series PETER AND THE STAR CATCHERS? a friend just recommended it to me, as i love peter pan so much. it's on the never-ending TO READ list.

Jessica Havican said...

I can't believe you haven't read the Hobbit until now? You of all people! :)