Friday, January 6, 2012

well hello 2012, i've been waiting for you!

you may have noticed i didn't post a happy list last week. fear not. nothing is wrong over here. on the contrary. last week was incredibly full and joyous . . . heavy on the word FULL. my brother, michael, got married on the 30th, so the time period between christmas and december 30 was like a giant black vortex in which time disappeared. between holiday visitors, wedding visitors, decorating prep and execution, problem solving, narrowly averting bridal flower catastrophes, wedding food cooking/baking, and rampant illness throughout the house, this little blog here didn't even register on the importance scale. 

you understand.

i don't think i've ever been so happy to see a new years eve.

now that things have begun to calm down at our house, i'm finally beginning to wrap my head around 2012. what classes to take this upcoming semester; travel/vacation plans; cleaning of the room and vehicles; and, of course, resolutions.

i'm very much a resolutions girl.

i don't think i was overly successful as far as last years resolutions are concerned, but i think it's important to make them just the same. i appreciate that once a year, at least, i dedicate some significant time on self-reflection with the intention of self-improvement. it helps keep me focused on progression and refinement (which is really what it's all about, right). even if i didn't accomplish the goal, i at least attempted it, which is progress in and of itself. 

so that's what i'm doing this week. thinking about what resolutions i want to set for this year.

i guess you could argue that this should be done in december, with a commencement on january 1. but listen . . december 2011 was off the charts busy and stressful. i'm not one of those absent minded people who wander off and leave their belongings everywhere, i have a good memory, i can remember things i'm supposed to do and things i've done without having to write it down, i'm relatively even tempered, etc. but december. well, december found me losing my keys, leaving my ipod and phone all over the place, forgetting pretty much anything that wasn't written down somewhere, snapping at people right and left . . . you get the picture. my mom even commented on it one day after i got snappy. she said, "this is so not like you!" it wasn't really a censure (she was pretty much in the same boat). it was more of a recognition that we were both on overload. but the point is, there was no time for resolution thoughts in december. if i had made some, they would have been along the lines of "don't kill anyone," or "remember to take a shower."  

i've got about ten written down so far. i'm trying to decide if it's a bit too much, or if i should squeeze in one or two more. (the goal is to accomplish them, right?) 

do you make resolutions? how many? how do you go about accomplishing them? do you have a system that works really well for you? do you reward yourself when you accomplish them?


Jessica Havican said...

A stronger resolve to improve oneself can happen anytime of the year. We actually had a lesson about Resolutions in RS last week and some quote from some church leader (sorry for the vagueness) said something along the lines of "we should strive to make to-be lists and not to-do lists" Simple thing right, but for some reason it helped some thing click inside of me. Let's say I want to be better at following promptings to serve someone. Instead of just giving myself a deadline and checking it off, it should be something I strive to be for the rest of my life. Forgiving myself along the way if I slip up and just moving forward to improve. Anyway, I think you are so awesome to always count your blessings and focus on the good things going on in your life. I should have a thankful thursday blog post or something. Thanks for inspiring me!