Thursday, February 2, 2012

on my mind . . .

praise the gods of musical theatre!!
taylor swift will NOT be playing eponine
in the upcoming les miserables movie.
i'm not sure if every media outlet on the planet
reported her casting in error
or if the fallout from the casting announcement
was so negative the powers-that-be reconsidered.
i don't really care. the point is, the movie is rescued!
samantha barks will be playing the part.
i give my wholehearted consent.
her portrayal of eponine in the
25th anniversary concert,
while slightly over-enunciated at times, was solid.
clearly she has the voice to back up the part.


this article amused me.
so true. so true.


as an avid reader
it shames me to confess
i have only read two of dickens' novels.
a christmas carol
and the life of our lord.
both good,
but not really his heavy-hitters.
i'm currently reading
a tale of two cities
and i'm finally seeing what everyone
means when they talk about his
descriptive abilities.
brilliant. precise. transportive.


in my comparative religions class
we all have to give a presentation 
about a religion or some aspect of a religion
we were not raised in.
one guy is planning to do his on mormonism
can't wait for that.


Jessica Havican said...

I took a theory of knowledge class in HS and we had a section like that where we had to pick a religion we knew little about and do a presentation on the class. It was hard for me to sit through the people that did Mormonism. they go so many things wrong or out of context. Blah.

Natalie said...

dude -- that comparative religion presentation has me ready to pee my panties and i'm not even there. i want a full report. are people allowed to chime in/correct/interject?
i have the same confession regarding dickens. i am so ashamed. ATOTC is one of my sister's favorites so i have lots of desire i just keep putting it off. shame on me.
oh that article. ah the truth of it all.
REJOYCE -- so glad to hear LM will taylor swift-less. my stomach was still churning up until i read this. totally agree about the over-enunciated. i got a good laugh that we thought the same thing regarding her performance. great minds, my friend.