Thursday, March 29, 2012

on my mind

last tuesday i had allergies.
last wendesday i found out i was wrong about the allergies.
it was a cold.
by wednesday afternoon i was achy and feverish and miserable.
and i couldn't go home because my co-worker
was out sick
for the second day in a row
with the same cold.

luckily mine didn't last that long.
once i got home
i took something to break my fever
took a nap
and woke up around 7:30 feeling much better.

i still have a few sniffles
and am a little more tired than usual;
but based on what i've seen everyone around me going through,
i got off pretty easy.


i'm thinking i'm going to tackle les miserables
on my camping trip.
i absolutely want to read it before the movie this fall.
this seems about as good an opportunity
as i'm going to get this year.
the question is,
should i take anything else?


do you watch that show
who do you think you are?
my mom and i love it,
and i cry pretty much every episode.
i love seeing the stories of ancestors coming alive.
my dream is to one day go on a
family history based trip
(well, probably several different ones)
tracking down records and headstones.


last night as i was laying in bed
i heard a commotion outside.
(my window faces the front yard)
i peeked out to see what was going on.
two drunk girls were stumbling around my neighbor's front yard
one kept saying "this is my house"
the other kept saying "this isn't your house".
they went to the front door twice.
apparently the first time wasn't sufficient
to convince her she didn't live there.
i finally went outside
to assure them she did not live there
and see if i could help.
she couldn't tell me her address
or her neighbors names.
she didn't have any identification
or a phone with her.
they just kept asking if i knew
who on the street had an avalon.

way to keep it classy ladies.

i got back in bed
and said a quick prayer of thanks


Jessica Havican said...

I think these On My Mind posts are my favorite of yours. I laugh every single time. Thank goodness for the word of wisdom! And I have Les Miserable on my bucket list of books I have to read, but I hear it's an intense read. I would probably need to read other quick and entertaining books simultaneously. Good luck!