Thursday, April 19, 2012

on my mind

last weekend i helped dj the lds prom
in a neighboring county.
we played "barbie girl",
it was requested by several kids.
of course, an adult came up and
complained of the "questionable" content.
(obviously they don't really get it)

we played several other requests that night
after craig previewed them.
on my way home i downloaded one of the songs on my phone
and listened to it.

craig is officially fired as music previewer.
riddled with profanity.
b- and f- words prolifically throughout.

interestingly, no one complained about it.


i bought tickets to go visit
my friend natalie in virginia.
we worked together at a bookstore
in provo
many, many years ago.
we discovered we were kindred spirits
just before she and her husband moved to texas.
we lost touch,
but found each other a few years ago via facebook
and have rekindled our friendship through blogs and e-mail.

i'm so excited to finally see her in person again
all these years later.

score one for the internet.


this article from TIME had me laughing.
a lot.