Sunday, April 22, 2012

things that made me happy this week . . .

- dinner with new friends

- massage

- re-viewing of casablanca. and oldie and very goodie!

- saw salmon fishing in the yemen with my parents. enjoyable despite the inaccurate science and target shopping reference. (target does not, as yet, have any stores outside the united states; and my mother spent years working for the department of fish and game, primarily working on community education and used salmon as her teaching medium.) we particularly enjoyed all the fishermen fanaticism and life philosophy. (my dad and brother are avid fishermen.)

- purchasing our tickets for the upcoming rodeo. this year we can avoid the long lines and go straight in. 

- finally coming up with an idea for my station at the faith in God activity. we had a singing bee. i played part of a song, and the girls had to complete the next phrase. i gotta say, they didn't do very well.