Thursday, April 26, 2012

on my mind

last night i took a latin vocabulary quiz
i scored 111 out of 120
not bad
considering i haven't looked at latin for over a year!


tonight the rodeo begins!!
sharon and i are going for three days.
tonight we're taking a few other girls along with us
for the pro bull riding event.
hello masculinity. nice to see you.


my father has many secret talents.
one of them is
he can name the mascot
of pretty much any
high school or college
in utah and idaho.


i keep seeing images and quotes from
marylin monroe
all over pinterest and tumbr (etc.)
personally i don't get it.
i'll grant she was very beautiful
and she made some fun movies,
but she is nothing i want to emulate.
from what i gather, she wanted fame so badly
she allowed herself to be portrayed
in movies and in life
as an empty-headed sex symbol,
had three failed marriages 
and a string of affairs
(some with married men),
and then she died of a drug overdose.

i think we can all aim a bit higher. 


for book club this next month
we've elected to read
elizabeth the queen:
the life of a modern monarch
appropriate as she's celebrating
her diamond jubilee this year.
i'm very much looking forward to it.


Jessica Havican said...

I totally agree about Marilyn Monroe. There are far better people to emulate than her!!

Natalie said...

latin is one of those things i am so interested in but don't have any experience with -- you must teach me. my sum total is the EM necklace i have but i can never really remember what it translates to...THAT'S IT! you can teach me how to remember it's translation! you game?

yay for rodeo time -- makes me miss houston. and i agree that professional bull riding is a while new level of masculinity.

dude, your dad is awesome.

YES YES YES -- I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH YOU ON THE MM THING! yes, i am yelling in all caps about this because i have long been mystified as you are. seriously people?!

and that book on the queen?! must have it!