Sunday, April 29, 2012

things that made me happy this week . . .

- book club meeting. oh how i love talking about books! 

- the weather was dreadful at the beginning of the week, but it came down to delightful temperatures for the rodeo, so i was a happy girl!

- rodeo time!!

- while at the rodeo i went to the concession stands. a man in my ward was working in the concession stands with a group he belongs to. we said hello and joked for a minute, then i returned to my seat. on sunday he told me that after i left all the other men working the stand with him commented on how nice i looked and how they appreciated my modesty and wished their sons could meet a girl like me. i was very flattered. it made me so happy that my/our modest standards are noticed and appreciated outside our little church bubble. 

- people watching at the rodeo. oh these girls. if they only knew how objectified and desperate they look!

- tri-tip sandwiches.

- baby shower invites designed and made.


Natalie said...

i once had a great book club and have yet to find another that was worth my time, which is sad because i too love to talk about books. have fun for me, won't you?

post the shower invites!