Friday, August 10, 2012

on my mind

i almost got hit by a truck this week.
i was out walking monday
and on my way home
i was crossing the street
in a cross-walk
with a cross signal
when some idiot
making a left-hand turn
wasn't paying attention
and failed to yield.
luckily i was paying attention.
i had to sprint
and then jump sideways
to avoid getting hit.

i regretted it immediately afterward.

could have made some money off that.


the fan on our a/c went out last night.
spent the evening and whole night
sweating and feeling cranky.
this morning the thought of putting on pants
was just too much.
so i wore a skirt.
a skirt!
it's that hot, people.


you know that trend right now
where people just put on clothes
willy nilly
with no regard for
coordinating patterns and colors . . .

not a fan.

i know it's supposed to be artistic
and hipster-y
but mostly they just look sloppy.
and color blind.
and generally like a homeless person.


Natalie said...

hit by a truck?! oh my goodness. when i was in AZ with my SIL last fall some kids weren't watching and ran their BMX bikes into her car -- it took us over an hour to calm down. i cannot imagine how shocked you must have felt. so glad things didn't end badly for you!