Sunday, August 12, 2012

weekly happy list

- i found five dresses that i liked while shopping on saturday. five! it's unheard of. in an excellent display of self control, i only bought two.

- miracle a/c repair man who found the right part and fixed our a/c the next day, saving us from two weeks without a/c, which is what the original guy proposed.

- i watched the new(er) jane eyre this week. twice. and you know the scene after jane finds out and she and rochester are talking and they're both brokenhearted and he's asking her to stay with him . . . even though i've read and watched it dozens of time, it made me cry. so beautiful.

- soundtrack for the above mentioned jane eyre movie. been listening to it pretty much on repeat all week. gorgeous.

- usa women's olympic soccer team. winning the gold medal game against japan was great, but the game against canada on monday was one of the most exciting sporting events i've ever watched. 

- the olympic closing ceremonies were kind of hit-and-miss for me. but annie lennox was amazing. i wanted to be part of her number so bad. those costumes!! that ship!! i die. i was also a big fan of the famous quotes written all over the sets.


Natalie said...

oh dresses -- the only way i survive hot humid places is skirts and dresses. i don't love my legs but i need the air flow that skirts and dresses give me. pin these dresses if you can as you know how i love to shop and how i love your style.

JE -- right?! isn't their relationship so amazing? it's without a doubt my favorite romance of all time. you have seen the BBC version with ruth wilson and toby stephens, right?! oh man, i LOVE it.