Thursday, September 6, 2012

on my mind

every weekend should be a
three-day weekend.
let's get up a petition . . .


at church last sunday
a woman told me i look
exactly like leann rimes.

i'm thinking maybe she doesn't really
know who leann rimes is . . .


for book club we picked a book on north korea.
if you were to ask me to list, in order,
the countries i'm interested in learning about
north korea just wouldn't be on it.

none the less, it's a really good book.
i had no idea how crazy that place is!
it's like reading an orwell novel,
only without the comfort of knowing it's fiction.


tomorrow morning 
instead of going to seminary
i have to go to an inservice meeting.
they've sent several e-mails reminding us
that our substitutes have to be bishop approved.
i'm sending my mother in
but i didn't tell the bishop.
i'm just guessing that he'll approve.
(wink, wink)