Sunday, September 9, 2012

weekly happy list

- masquerade dinner party planning has begun.

- dispelling false doctrine during gospel doctrine lesson. always amusing what comes out of people's mouths.

- boden order placed and shipped. now if the weather would cooperate so i can wear all the lovelies i just purchased!

- making time to watch part 1 of jane eyre. the real accomplishment will be to find time this week to finish it. it's not looking good, ya'll. busy week, this.

- sunday night we hosted a missionary discussion in our home. the discussion was attended by the mission president, pres. gelwix (coach from the forever strong movie), and elder christoffel golden, jr. of the first quorum of the seventy. it was an intensely spiritual experience and both men bore their testimony of the gospel, God the Father, and Jesus Christ. i was so humbled and inspired by their testimonies and the boldness with which they bore them. i was also touched by the way they listened and responded to the investigator's questions, receiving immediate inspiration, and turning to the scriptures to support the inspiration. it has reminded me of the blessing that the scriptures are in our life, and how greater familiarity with them leads to greater familiarity with my Heavenly Father and his Son, and greater opportunity for inspiration and personal revelation.


Natalie said...

masquerade party?!?! SO JEALOUS! i even have a few masks i could wear.

boden, fantastic boden. i love this fall's line.

JE! SO GOOD! i'm due to finish it this week -- she just left thornfield hall....sigh.

your sunday night missionary discussion sounds amazing.