Thursday, November 8, 2012

on my mind

i've been slacking on the happy lists.
i know this.
but last week i had two tests
and i came down with a cold.
thus, stress and exhaustion
were the words of the day week.
so my happy list for last week
was basically that it ended.


i voted.
i'm not happy about the outcome.
the end.


my iphone promises me
that the temperatures
will dip into the
60's durring the day and
30's at night by the end of the week.
and maybe, possibly, rain.
 i know it seems a little heartless to wish for
rain and cool weather
in the wake of the destruction brought about by sandy last week
and the nor'easter currently freezing out the north east,
but the beginning of this week saw the daytime temps
in the 80's.

it's november.

not cool.


things my seminary students have never heard of:

mont saint-michele
the music man
roman holiday
breakfast at tiffany's
the louvre
audrey hepburn

(insert my incredulous/disgusted face here)


Natalie said...

incredulous/disgusted face is right! good GRIEF!