Sunday, November 11, 2012

weekly happy list

- i finally saw the avengers. good flick. i'm excited for the next iron man and thor movies. 

- i got 98% and 85% on my two tests from last week. i expected the 98%; the 85% is a blessing, because i wouldn't have been surprised in i'd gotten a C. 

- girls night in with sharon, in which we wore sweats and watched dude movies. this is why we're friends. 

- three-day weekend meant i could indulge in movie-watching on sunday instead of lesson planning. sense and sensibility never disappoints. i think of all jane austen's heroines i'm most like elinor dashwood. i highly recommend the newer bbc version: downton abbey fans will be please to see dan stevens (matthew crawley) playing edward ferrars, and it's longer. and everyone knows when it comes to bbc period dramas, the longer, the better. (wink, wink)

- mother nature saw fit to deliver some rain this week. happy times for all.


Natalie said...

must look into this sense an sensibility -- love that dan stevens.