Sunday, January 20, 2013

weekly happy list

- keeping up with my one-line-a-day journals.

- my emerald green boden peter pan shirt. it's even more amazing that i thought it would be. i would order more colors, but they're back-ordered for 13 weeks. sad.

- my persuasion infinity scarf.

- new books.

- reading in bed. (i'm a librocubicularist, and i'm proud of it!!)

- i watched this ballet documentary, first position, about the youth american grand prix. it was really interesting, and watching ballet never disappoints.

- the ghost map. so good.

- rubio's chicken burrito especial.

- new shoes. leopard print. be jealous.


Natalie said...

i'm so bitterly sad that i didn't get the peter pan top from boden when i could -- they are all gone now and i am so very sad.....

infinity scarves = happiness. bookish infinity scarves = gitty glee.

i've added first position to my netflix list -- looks awesome.

i hereby request a photo of your new shoes. you've probably already instagramed them, much to my loss...sometimes i miss it.