Thursday, January 24, 2013

on my mind

what is up with those
full-leg legwarmers for babies?
i don't get it.
why not just put pants on the kid?
seems like a rather eccentric hassle.


bobby pin headaches 
are the worst.


i bought one of those infinity scarfs
with a passage from "persuassion"
on it.
i'm so in love with it.


i have managed to evade the 
that's making its rounds.
well done, body.
well done.


i substituted in the 6/7 year old class
at church this past week.

not my favorite.


i finally bought one of those
and i just love them.
it feels so much more sophisticated
reading one of them
than a boring old paperback.
(no offence paperbacks,
i still love you too!)
let the collecting begin!!


Natalie said...

i hear you on the leg warmers - i used some with chelsea but they went over leggings, so as to keep her knees from getting tired when crawling. in place of pants? crazy.

your scarf sounds similar to my jane eyre one -- it is the one i choose most often - so fantastic and keeps me super warm.

we've gone unscathed as well...don't know how we've done it but i am SO grateful.

love me those penguin classics -- just got les miserables. funny thing is les miserables and jane eyre are the same color schemes -- what are the odds?!