Sunday, February 3, 2013

weekly happy list (2 weeks, really)

- getting better at not feeling guilty about letting things that are not really that important left undone. 

- my one-line-a-day journals. i've already looked in it several times and been reminded of things that i'd forgotten about.

- mlk holiday. i'll take any excuse for a day off.

- stake conference. it was broadcast from salt lake and was so inspirational. i was madly scribbling notes despite a headache, fevered hot flashes and chills, and nausea. (i think my body is flirting with the flu. it's not going to happen. i refuse to have the flu.)

- fun day at the snow with my niece and nephew. it was afton's first time seeing snow. we built a snowman and sledded and ate chili-dogs. lovely little outing. 

- red-headed hostess blog. i've gotten so many great ideas for teaching from her this year. and a lot of great ideas for my own personal study of the scriptures. 

- the pleasure of reading a good book, one that you can't wait to get back to.

- girls night out - we saw warm bodies, which was so funny and absolutely adorable. 

- we've introduced the nanny mcphee movies to my niece, and she loves them. and to be honest, i love them. i watch them even when there are no children around. 

- the end of january. it really is the worst month. well, maybe tied with august.