Thursday, February 21, 2013

a day in the life

looking back over my little blog here i realize i almost never post pictures. today i shamelessly stole my friend natalie's "a day in the life" idea. i made a conscious effort to take pictures of my various activities today, which are also posted on my instagram feed.

5:40: out the door, on my way to seminary. 

dark, empty churches are the creepiest!

today, instead of taking my usual post-seminary nap, i wrote in my journal.

the bags i use every day. seminary, school, and purse.

breakfast: leftover chicken enchiladas. 

  9:00: out the door again

 walking to class

test results. i got another five points on top of this,
for a cool 99/100.


a girl has to stay hydrated and caffeinated. 
(although, i'm not sure this actually helps with the hydrated bit . . ) 


views from my walk

(not pictured - dinner. i inhaled it before i thought to take a picture. it was one of those days)

i'm a nighttime showerer.

in bed. blogging and reading before lights out at 9:00.
(maybe earlier.)


Natalie said...

love it!! i need to get back into documenting my days -- every since i left instagram i don't have that daily photo record. you have inspired me yet again, my friend!

love the bags (two boden!) -- and that very posh looking monogram (don't monograms just ooze poshness?) - what does the D stand for? dark churches are totally creepy - agreed; i have to sing as i walk along to keep my imagination from running away with me. love your phone case. wish i could pull off aviator sunglasses as you do. high five on test results! ah yes -- caffeinated and hydrated all with michaelangelo. :D nighttime showerers are so cool ;D