Sunday, February 24, 2013

weekly happy list

- president's day holiday. very relaxing and leisurely. i actually sat outside and read for about an hour. very tranquil.

- rainy days

- re-organizing my book club (well, not mine, per se, i'm just getting it all together . . .) so excited to read with a group and hear what everyone has to say.

- 99% on my first test.

- embracing my messy, curly hair. i just don't have the energy/desire to fight with it. we'll just be wild and big-haired for a while here.

- goodly parents. mine and all the others out there fighting the good fight.

- long dresses that cover un-shaved legs.

- eternal perspective.

- the young women values divine nature and individual worth. the others are great too, but this week i had an experience that made me so grateful that my mother and church leaders hammered those two into my head from an early age.

- patriarchal blessings. man that thing just gets more and more useful . . .

- taking time for writing

- receiving packages in the mail.